Time to add some new items to the Shop - we are working on some new items and will post details as soon as stock is available.  If we haven't got listed what you are looking for, ask and we will see what we can do. Suggestions also welcome as to what you would like to see available.
Playing Cards - available in Red and Blue backs
Branded Super League playing cards - standard size, double UV finish - large numbers easy to read in low lighting venues. Also available in blue back, ideal for double deck games.
Each deck comes in a plastic box to keep those edges fresh.
Single decks available at $8 each or 2 decks for $15 - available from Dave 
Cut cards also available, $3 each or a pack of 5 for $12.
4 Colour decks are available with Brown backs 2 decks for $15

Card Protectors
Branded Super League card protectors - the ideal card protector to promote your League. Nice heavy brass and they come in plastic box with rubber seal.
Available ex Wellington - new price $15 each
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