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Seasonal Finals - (every 12 weeks) - Wellington

Players qualify for the Seasonal finals by finishing in the top 15 of the Leader Board for any venue night (venues with multiple nights are not combined so there are more chances to qualify). If you do not make the top 15 at any venue night but are in the top 120 on the Wellington Leader Board then you also qualify.

The final table of 9 will receive cash prizes. Tournament play will be hand for hand where appropriate to burst the “bubble”.
Cash prizes will be $400, $300, $200, $100, $100, $50, $50, $50, $50. All players receiving cash prizes will also qualify for the “Best of the Best Champions Trophy” to be held annually.

Halfway 5 Fizzer

Previously known as Invitational Final. If your name is on either of the lists here
then you qualify to play and you will receive a starting stack of 5,000 for free. For each win recorded up to the date of the event, you will receive an additional 1,500 subject to a 4,500 maximum. This means that all wins in the prior season plus wins in the first 5 weeks of the current season are included.
If you haven't had a win, then you may enter for $5 and receive 5,000 starting stack.
All players will be eligible for an additional 3,000 chips - 1,000 for every $5 food/drink spend at the bar up to and including round 5 and to be redeemed no later than the start of round 6.
Up to the end of round 5 there will be 2 re-buys available to all players, $5 for 5,000 (no win bonus chips) when player has lost all chips.
At the end of round 5 there will be an add on available for all players who still have chips, $5 for 10,000.
Cash prizes for the top 5 players, $150, $100, $50, 40, $20 plus a seat in the Best of the Best.
Bonanza Jackpot will be available

easonal Bonus Prizes

$100 for finishing a Season at the top of the Wellington Leader Board
· $60 for finishing a Season in 2nd place on the Wellington Leader Board
· $40 for finishing a Season in 3rd place on the Wellington Leader Board
ALL players (Super League and IPL) are eligible for Wellington Leader Board prizes
· Venue "Top Dogs" will receive a Card Protector of choice (from a selection available)
· These prizes will be awarded at the Area Finals. Please be aware that a Venue must participate for the full season to qualify for a "Top Dog" prize to be awarded.


Best of the Best Champions Trophy – Annually

Qualification will be during the 4 Seasons since the last Best of the Best
The following qualify:
* final table at each Area Final
* final 5 at each Invitational Final
* top 3 on Wellington Leader Board
* Top Dog at each venue each Season including
IPL venues
A player will be awarded no more than one seat in the Champions Trophy each Season. Any seat earned in subsequent Seasons may be sold/gifted to another registered Super League player.
Prizes Pool will consist of cash/vouchers/tournament entries equivalent to $2,000 to be distributed among the final table. Tournament play will be hand for hand where appropriate to burst the “bubble”.

· Super League reserves the right to change prizes at their discretion .




Season Final 2
Saturday 2 July - Petone Club Atrium Register 10.30am for 11am start
 Halfway Final 3
weekend of 6/7 August
Season Final 3
weekend of 17/18 September
 Halfway Final 4
weekend of 29/30 October
Season Final 4
weekend of 10/11 December